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Training Center
BTC is a strategy of the New Life Training Center which is established to help layperson office workers contribute to the evangelism for the nation and the world through workplace ministry. BTC helps them have the calling as a workplace missionary through the training for evangelism and discipleship.
Training Features
The trained person can initiate and spread the training directly.
It is an effective training which consists of 40% lectures, 40% practice and 20% checking.
It is a practical training in which the trainer takes charge of and advises his/her trainee.
It is a training which helps evangelization of the workplace through evangelism and discipleship training.
It is a training which has living testimonies and lectures of the layperson office workers having abundant experiences of evangelism and discipleship in the workplace.
Training Results
The trainee can grow up spiritually.
The basic life(word, prayer, fellowship, witnessing) becomes stable and strong.
The trainee can learn evangelism skills perfectly and individually evangelize people whenever and wherever.
The trainee can obtain the skill of effectively helping beginners and those who desire spiritual growth, and also can develop one's spiritual and general leadership.
The trainee can effectively help the local church and workplace Christian gathering .
Training Process
The training is run systematically for 10 weeks.
BTC1 is a program which trains the primary course of evangelism and fostering.
BTC2 is a program which trains the core process of discipling.
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