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Regional Communities
Regional community img BBB Regional community is close to you 

Reasons why we have opened many communities of BBB regionally is to make it possible to have a small group, to join the Bible study and be trained as a disciple of Jesus Christ near your houses or workplaces. Even in the case of working overtime, you can quickly go back to your workplace to manage night working after fellowship in your regional communities. 

BBB Regional community is Learning to be like Christ in all realm of lives 

The atmosphere of the regional communities is various; however, all regional communities are managed and run based on the same contents. We start praising, prayer, and sometimes share testimonies. Also we deliver overall lectures such as basics of the Christian life, case studies about evangelism and making disciples, theme-based lectures for spiritual growth, theory of the workplace mission and successful cases. We also offer small group bible study (step-by-step and theme-based bible study), and training sessions such as new life training, workplace mission academy, workplace mission assembly, leader’s retreat, and short-term missionary work etc.

BBB Regional community’s Operation is based on donations from participating members
The focus of the regional communities of BBB is on the spiritual growth of every member through the joining of cell leaders and members in one spirit and mind by the leadership of the regional representative, and operation of the community on the basis of vision and philosophy of BBB. Also, the cost to run the ministry is entirely from all members’ donations. All finances for operation are managed by the community
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